August 13, 2011

Think Before Use Type Payment At Paypal / Very Risk if Wrong Choice

Hi today i very interested to write article about type payment you will pay for product and some service you buy at internet, why very risk if wrong choice type payment at paypal because i have bad experience about this, i can't refund money 105$ from my friend ( he sell bad service to me ) and i not like this service.

About Personal Payment and Online Purchase

Personal Payment

Personal Payment is very risk if you not trust place or guy sell service, sites, product and more if someday you will find problem about product you buy.

Online Purchase

We pay TAXES or FEE 4% from total payment and you can pay TAXES or seller pay TAXES or FEE. But this is good choice if someday you have problem with product because paypal will moderated about your question and dispute to get all your money again.

So What Tips From Me

1. If you want buy sites, service and product make sure to use online purchases and don't use Personal Payment, i know personal payment you will less with FEE and TAXES but that very risk if you buy product with price more than 500$.

2. If you not trust guy or place you buy for that service, please use online purchases ( if you pay 1000$, Seller will pay 40$ for taxes )

3. Personal Payment you can use IF YOU REALY TRUST GUY OR PLACE you buy that product and this very less with fee ( if you pay 1000$, you just pay taxes 0,5$ ) very save your money but very risk in future if you want dispute that money.

We're sorry, but this transaction cannot be disputed because it is not a purchase of goods or services. Please contact the recipient directly.

that is the problem if you want dispute or your money back again because service very bad. Paypal not respond about this because you not pay FEE or TAXES and you will lost all your money.


I think we better pay TAXES than we lost all your money because service not good and choose personal payment if you very TRUST guy or place you buy that service or product.

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