August 11, 2011

How you add Google Adsense in blogger blog and also suggested for selecting of better place in blogger template and what type of Google ads are useful according your blogger template

By this useful article you teach that how you add Google adsense in blogger blog and there is  no doubt that blogger blog  has given very excellent facility to the blog owners that they can insert Google Adsense with their logger blogs easily. Now I describe different easy methods to add Google Adsense to blogger blog. In this regard I contribute  few tips about finest placement of Google Adsense units. I have intended this discussion for new blogger owners and beginners and those who have not any previous knowledge of Google Adsense. Keep in mind that if you have not Google Adsense Account first open account through then you should be wait for approval from Google team regarding Adsense.  If you want to take approval of your blogger blogclick here. When your blogger blog approved by Google team you can insert Adsense on your Blogspot Blog. After that Google team provide you a publishing ID in your Adsense Account. Now I discuss about Google Adsense Widget and HTML/Javascript Widget.

1.    Google Adsense Widget

Adsense widget is a pillar for the Google Adsense code. One time formed it is easy with blog reliable line to drag and drop widgets into different placing inside your template. Google  Adsense widgets can be included to the header, sidebar, footer, or body of blogger blog. A Google Adsense widget is made when you click on an Add a Gadget button in the Layout > Page Elements menu and after that select Adsense.

2.    HTML/Javascript widget

This is very important method to insertGoogle Adsense  to your blogger blog to utilize a HTML/Javascript widget. If you desire to have more organize over your advertising and technique your Google ad units. To obtain the code in the first position you will require to login to Google Adsense account and generate each ad unit in the size of your option from the Ads for content menu. This will allow you to set up a unique channel for each ad unit. For every new ad unit when you generated then Google Adsense provide the code which you will require to copy and paste into a HTML/Javascript widget located in either the sidebar or the footer place or any suitable place of your template.

In view of the above, there are following three main methods to insert Google Adsense to your blogger blog  now I am discussing step by step for your guidance and more information regarding best placement of Google Adsense in your blogger blog.

1.    Insert Google Adsense Widget to the Sidebar

The easiest method to insert Google Adsense is to select Adsense from the range of gadgets presented in the Layout > Page Elements now you are using one of blog normal templates you will more than likely be inserting a skyscraper unit 160x600 or like to the sidebar. Google will work out the color scheme of the ad unit for you according to your template. You can dominate these settings if require and arrange the colors yourself but attach with the default unless you have good grounds. One more choice you will require to generate is about the format of the ad unit. You can decide between text only and text and image. In my opinion I like better text units for sidebars as you can get more bites of the colourful with an image unit. Images only advertise one thing while text units may offer to different links. Though if you require exacting appear you might still want to go for the image unit which is why Google present this litheness in the first position. Keep in mind that the joint text and image units are careful to be the highest earners from blogging side. If you want to add Google Adsense in Blogger Side bar please read my useful articleHow add Google Adsense in Blogger Sidebar.
2.    Insert Google Adsense Widget to the Footer

Google Adsense are  widely used position for a Google Adsense unit is in the footer of your Blogger Blog. If your Blogspot template has footer sections you can insert a Google ad unit to this area also. Footers are attractive more and more popular locations to include information similar to Archives and Follower widgets so visitors are receiving used to the idea of scrolling down to the base of the page to check out the footer.  A linked 728x15 ad is a fine option for a footer place, particularly if you have a Followers widget allowed in the footer. I put this linked ad unit directly above the Followers widget. I propose you create use of linked units if you can. Now you are allowed up to 3 linked units per page. Linked ad units can make income if deliberately located on your blog. Keep in mind however those Google Adsense units nearer the top and middle of the page are more evident and are possible to be your top performers. If you want to Google Adsense in footer of the Blog please read my useful article How you add Google Adsense in Blogger footer.

3.    How to Add Google Adsense between Posts

Blogger is really a prevailing Blogging stage with many great features. One of these features is the ability to put Adsense to show between blog posts. All that is desired is to navigate to Layout > Page Elements. Now click on the edit Blog Posts link and check “Show Ads Between Posts” from the Select Items menu. You should be select 336x280 ad unit as this gives a good ratio of links for the size. I also desire text units for this location also as again you are more possible to have a visitor click on a link if they are presented with quite a few. Save and view your blog. After that Blogger automatically places one of three Google Adsense ads directly below each of the first three posts. If you want to space the ads further apart you can do so although in my experience there really is no advantage in doing this. Remember that you can have up to three ad units and up to three linked ad units displayed at any one time. If you have ads in one more part of your blog for example Blogger will automatically recognize this and only display other ad units. If you want to add google adsense in between the posts please read my useful article How you add google adsense between the Blogger posts.

How you will merge and Centralize Google Adsense Ad Unit in your Blogger Blog Now make sure that you have opened your Blogger account if not first go to and then Layout > Edit HTML and check mark the Expand Widget Templates box. Avoid from any mistakes back up your template and keep it any safe place of your Computer. Now find this code line <data:defaultAdStart/>. After that you require to scroll down until following code lines.

<div class='inline-ad'>

Finally change following code lines with above code lines carefully and then save your template and go to view Blog.

<div class='inline-ad'>
<P ALIGN='center'><data:adCode/></P>

The above Google Adsense tips will be very useful for new blogger owners and other friends, if you like it please leave your comments.  

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