August 11, 2011

How To Move Blog To Another Account Blogger

Many newbie blogger like me not know how to move blog or sites to new blogger account, so why this important because if in future you want change account email, sell the sites, or lost password on old account this is good ways to make you still have your blog And now how to do this, you can see all images bellow and do step by step with read some tips too :

Select Blog

choose blog or sites you will move to new account


After that you can go to setting >> permission

Added New Email

Added new email address and make sure that email address done have a blog or done register at

Confirmation Email

Click link at email and you will direct to and see blog you moved to new account.

Change Status or Level

At blogger you just can change two type status : administrator and author,

if you as Author you can't delete post, moderated comment, change setting blog or many think again you can't do and you just can make post.

if you as Administrator you do all setting, all moderated and you is owner that sites or blogs.

on this step you just as Author and you must change author to grant admin privileges to make you as Administrator.

Remove Administrator From Old Account

After blog or sites have 2 administrator you must delete one of that email because not good have more admisnistrator if you can't trust account or other people on your sites, so you can remove that by Revoke Administrator or Remove.

Finish And Your Blog Moved to New Account

You can see on top dashboard to make sure your blog moved to new account and after that you can ready blogging with new account.


  • You can added other people join to make post or your blog as guest auhtor
  • You can sell sites without lost your important email or biodata
  • You can have backup sites on other account if you lost password someday, or any incident you not like

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