August 12, 2011

How To Fast Shut Down Windows With A Double Click / Win Xp

Hey! how are you? here is the another cool windows xp trick. Is your computer shutdown slowly ? do not worry. you are come to right place :D try this... please add your comments here.. thank you!!!

Follow This Step By Step:

1.Right click a blank area on your desktop
2.Click New.
3. Click Shortcut to create a shortcut on your desktop.
4. The Create Shortcut dialog - To have Windows shut down immediately when
5.You double click the shortcut, and type shutdown -s -t 00

NOTE: To Have Windows count down for a specific number of
seconds before shutting down, type the number of seconds
instead of 00 in step 4.

6 .Click Next to continue
7. Type the name you want the shortcut to display on your desktop.
8. Click Finish to create the shortcut

You are done.

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