August 12, 2011

How To Enable Blogger Dynamic Views

How To Enable Blogger Dynamic Views

Dynamic views will work on your blog only if
1. Your blog is public and readers don’t need to sign in
2. Your blog has feeds fully enabled.
3. You have not disabled dynamic views. (Setting | Formatting > Enable Dynamic Views)

To view this dynamic views follow the url formats given below:

Flipcard : available at [YourblogURL]/view/flipcard
Mosaic : available at [YourblogURL]/view/mosaic
Sidebar : available at [YourblogURL]/view/sidebar
Snapshot : available at [YourblogURL]/view/snapshot
Timeslide : available at [YourblogURL]/view/timeslide

Note: Replace [YourblogURL] with your blogger url.

Here example,
Mosaic :
Sidebar :
Snapshot :
Timeslide :


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