August 13, 2011

How to Change Width Of The Blogger Comment Form

How to Change Width Of The Blogger Comment Form

Hi friends Here is another cool blogger hack. "HOW TO CHANGE WIDTH OF BLOGGER COMMENT FORM" i think this is very cool hack for bloggers. because this is very importanat to add big comments.blogger gave us a small comment form. so now we can change width of blogger comment form using this cool hack. i hope you really like this hack. Thank you..

Now Follow the simple steps below to do it:

1.Login to your blogger dashboard--> Desing- -> Edit HTML

2.Scroll down to where you see this code

<iframe allowtransparency='true' class='blogger-iframe-colorize blogger-comment-from-post' frameborder='0' height='410' id='comment-editor' name='comment-editor' src='' width='600px'/>

3.To change the code height and width as you like.  ( width='600px height='410')

4. Save template..your are done

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