August 11, 2011

Function Absolute at Your CSS / Tips For Beginner

Hi today i have many Question and 2 people donate at my sites for fixed 1 themes because themes have some problem with advertising and some bug about compatible themes and Internet Explorer 9, why i write about Function Absolute at Your CSS because many beginner blogger user don't know about this function because this CSS code will use if any images or class can't move, so we must move it with another ways using CSS code with name Absolute.

What Themes Fixed

Sorry i not update .zip files because new version just for people want donate themes with price 10$ and i will send .xml file to email he use for pay me at paypal.

What Is Absolute


You can find this code on many CSS, this code have function to move images, text or class without follow DIV, CLASS, and WIDTH. So this code very important when you want move images without follow DIV, CLASS and Width.

Combination Code With Absolute


Some of that code always follow code Absolute because some that code can move text or image from top left your screen and move it to place you want with using or change size 10px ( pixel ) to size or place u want. You can use % ( percent ) and cm ( centimeter ).

Why Absolute Very Important To Know

yes beacuse absolute at CSS can move images or text to different place because this code not following CLASS or DIV at code. If you have more tips about Absolute you can leave comment. Thank's

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